With white liberals pulling the strings…

With white liberals pulling the strings...


The biggest mistake the movement is making today is attempting to fight the forces of oppression without first eradicating the sabotaging black faces of oppression/the system/white supremacy within: career politicians/gatekeepers, political dynasties that grow out of black elected officials settling or keeping us in check, grant hustling orgs that are used to divert funds from all types of worthy efforts in our community, black clergy that allow themselves to be used to give an appearance of negotiating in good faith on our behalf, but instead sold out, are secretly controlling millions and cherry-picking who gets resources/a seat at the table with no oversight, transparency or accountability... and black (but white funded/controlled) nonprofits that allow the fleecing our community by the nonprofit industrial complex for a seat at their table.

All wolves in sheep clothing, Malcolm warned that are "Negro leaders, against the black revolution. They are not a part of the Negro revolution. They are used against the Negro revolution."
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