From Jon Jeter,

Why do I talk about black misleaders? Failure of the black collective to grasp THIS RIGHT HERE... Any black won't do.

"This is a great example of why it is important to be ever mindful of the role that today's black political class plays in our oppression. As a prosecutor, Kamala Harris protected white pedophile Catholic priests, just as Cory Booker protected white robber barons at Bain Capital and in the pharmaceutical industry, Obama protected the white Wall Street bankers who stole all our money, Baltimore's former prosecutor protected the cops who murder unarmed blacks, and black mayors from DC to Dallas protect the gentrifiers.

This is a war, and a decision was made roughly 50 years ago to assassinate or isolate our best and brightest generals---from Fred Hampton to Mumia Abu Jamal, Malcolm X to Kwame Ture--and replace them with a generation of Vichy blacks whose principal objective is the preservation of white, patriarchal power.

Hear Me Now: with the black leadership that we have now, WE CANNOT WIN THIS WAR!" .... at any level, local, state, national or global.
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