Morning fam,
St. Louis city and county will reopen today despite the fact that we are not ready… there is no comprehensive plan. There is no cohesiveness, nothing learned from watching Texas, Georgia or New York… just a bunch of inept regional leaders trying not to look incompetent, who even before COVID were on a race to the bottom. Black death as a result of this is not new… we been suffering, been dying… COVID-19 is just another way we will die as a result. And judging from the rush to reopen, a lot of folks are cool with that. There’s a name for this… Necrocapitalism: a form of capitalism where a country’s trade and industry are founded on, linked to and dependent directly or indirectly on death and the profits accruing from it. This is not new, it is the foundation of Amerikkkan capitalism. Amerikkka was built on necrocapitalism, slaves were worked to death.

#REPOST Dr Reynaldo Anderson discusses necrocapitalism at the beginning of this clip. If you haven’t already, watch! Again, think long term, look at the totality of what is happening and not just focus on what they want you to focus on. They’re pushing necrocapitalism but you’ll never hear them utter the word necrocapitalism… giving it a name makes it a thing and not just fodder for social media or conspiracy theorists.

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