Transitioning off Facebook…

It’s time. Long overdue. I cautioned folks way back in 2014 when Facebook started that simp shit making protesters use their real names and putting people’s lives at risk. But you know how mofos are, can’t tell negros shit. They will ride or die with those who exploit or put us at risk while completely ignoring when people like them tell em whats up for real.

What Facebook’s been doing is actually worse, snooping in your phone, logging all your contacts, call logs and texts and selling your data. They allowed it to be sold to Trump’s campaign, advertisers, whofuckinever. Think the Democrats don’t have your shit? There is no putting this genie back into the bottle, your information is out there. Including your private Facebook messages. Everybody’s.

If I did this or a black company did this, negros would be livid, leaving in droves. Facebook’s deception is barely on their radar. They’re still talking about their fav rapper, celeb news and wearing their emotions in their posts.

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