This matters… this is how we end up with ‘leaders’ like Deray.

This matters... this is how we end up with 'leaders' like Deray.


#UPDATE This happened in St. Louis, the night before last. He wasn't heckled, he was shook, had to be protected and ultimately cancelled his meet and greet due to Michael Hassell, a frontline Ferguson protester taking to the stage and exposing the lie that Deray led or played any role in the Ferguson protests and confronting Deray with the truth about how he along with BLM hijacked our movement, took credit for the efforts of others and rose to national prominence/enriched themselves by exploiting the murder of Michael Brown.

All captured on video you can watch here

And in the comment section is a recap, Michael explaining why he confronted Deray and promising the same for every person or org that sold out, took money, came up or profited from the murder of Mike Brown, from BLM down.
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