Still true today…

Still true today...


With very little exception these are the same issues we've been fighting for 50+ years. Voting the 'lessor of 2 evils', marching, protesting, praying and begging have not changed our circumstance. Black Lives Matter/Movemement 4 Black Lives and their $100 million donors have not changed our circumstance, nor the conditions of any community where they touched down.

More black celebs/millionaires have not changed our circumstance. Billion dollarish deals for Dr Dre and Jay Z have not changed our circumstance. Lebron donating millions to help Akron parents get their GED has not changed our circumstance.

While all are things we cheer and applaud, none has gotten us one step closer to self sufficiency or controlling our own destiny.There are no shortcuts fam, nobody's gonna come to our rescue. Hillary's not gonna save us, Democrats aren't gonna save us, white philanthropists aren't gonna save black people. WE ARE WHO WE'VE BEEN WAITING FOR. We have to create the world in which we want to live.
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