So many of us have a defeatist mentality... life has many of us so beaten and broken to the point where we won't even try... we don't think change is possible. We don't think we are capable. We are so starved for political/socio direction and leadership we look for it in rappers, nba and nfl players... all controlled/funded by the establishment kkkorporate machine. Their job is to perform, put on a show, jump out in front of and entertain us back into the status quo. What change came after Disney's Black Panther? Or after Jerry Jones kneeling with the Cowboys? Or after Childish Gambino's video? And don't tell me 'increased awareness'. Black people BEEN aware since the first slave ship landed. White people created 'the system'... if anyone is aware how it works, its them.

Disclaimer... when I say 'white', I'm referring to the system of white supremacy... which has many faces from many races.