Imagine if black leaders doubled down on protecting and serving black citizens in their wards and districts as they do trying to save their asses by circumventing the will of voters... Black voters overwhelmingly passed ward reduction to reduce the number of wards and aldermen given the fact that the city lost more than 1/2 of it's population due to filed Democrat rule and policies since the 1950s. And because most of these aldermen use their position to enrich themselves and their cronies, are puppets for special interests or are taking up space because they can't cut it in the private sector Chicago has 10 times the population of St. Louis and less aldermen.

Don't be fooled by black Aldermen crying race and saying that this will lead to less black representation. Ward reduction isn't leading to less black representation, failure of black leaders to represent their wards and the loss of population resulting from decades of neglecting black citizens is what's fueling ward reduction. This needs to happen, for one to get rid of black asses in seats just taking up space. Two, poorly run wards will be assimilated into other wards and will benefit in many ways from better leadership in better run wards, an increase in tax base and property values. And three, it's easier to fight 14 aldermen and hold them accountable than 28.

Measure to reduce the number of wards in St. Louis is headed back to Board of Aldermen

A committee has endorsed a bill to put the issue, which was passed in 2012, before voters again next April.