I told y’all… 3 years ago. And cats still don’t get it.

I told y'all... 3 years ago. And cats still don't get it.


I'm not a leader. I'm just one person fixated on making a difference... like so many others who took to the streets August of last year. People always ask 'what's the solution'... to even ask that is putting the cart before the horse. The majority of folks don't even understand the REAL issues or recognize the real enemy... or the enemies within... if you don't understand the gravity of our situation, you can't come up with viable solutions.

Everybody's running around doing what they think should be done... the problem? Reread the first paragraph. Any effort that does not address everything I mentioned above will be in vain. Need proof? Look at everything that's happened since August 9, 2014 from bs assed official reports designed to discredit hands up don't shoot to the hijacking of #Ferguson by the nonprofit industrial complex to grant hustlers and poverty pimps setting up shop. Out of all the millions that came into Ferguson, ZERO dollars went to creating our own media, educating the masses, or holding our own accountable. As a result, we're worse off today than we were back then... and not because of the opposition, but because of so called movement leaders. That's the reason Ferguson is thumbing its nose at the DOJ. They know, everybody knows... its stopped being about about justice or reform a long time ago. Its about money and access. And leaders are riding that gravy train all the way to the White House.

I launched handsupdontshoot.com back in August of last year to educate the masses about what was really happening, an alternative to mainstream media narratives and narratives put forth by those who hijacked #Ferguson... to give an accurate depiction of the gravity of our situation, to give the community a voice, to dissect propaganda disguised as news and to expose corruption within the opposition and within the movement.

This platform was made possible by people donating whatever they could, understanding WE GOTTA do this. Some donations were as small as $5. People get caught up, waiting 'to see', waiting for someone else to do it or not wanting to look small they would rather contribute nothing, than contribute a few dollars. Those few dollars could make a huge difference. Obama got elected off small donations. People will pay $100 to see Floyd fight on PPV or for the latest Jordans... and invest nothing into one of the most pressing needs in our community.

Those small donations helped launch our radio station, which has been picked up for syndication by many of the top digital broadcasters. On the flipside people will throw hundreds, thousands... millions of dollars into a movement that has nothing to show for it. They're not helping families of victims or investing in communities or setting up national legal/bail funds for protesters... they can't show where any of the money went beyond travel expenses, payroll, bail/legal assistance for prominent protesters and bs programs designed to justify their existence.

The election is one year away, they're not even educating people on the issues. But what they are doing, is chasing candidates for access, which translates info $$$, donations and gigs such as $40k for a 2 day 'teaching' engagement.

Its easy to create/post a hashtag. That doesn't require anything, no personal sacrifice. Nothing. And that's what we've gotten in return: nothing.

I want to thank those who's contributions made our efforts possible. We will continue our work, expand and grow.... and most important love our people enough to sacrifice, educate and building much needed outlets and resources.
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