Guess what was of the first things Ferguson activist/protester John Muhammad did when elected to the St. Louis Board of Aldermen?

Vote with law enforcement FOR Prop P... to tax poor black people to pay for more excessive and oppressive policing. This was in addition to the 50+% of the city's budget that goes to law enforcement. AND on top of millions St. Louis gets in state and federal grants.

He not only voted for Prop P, he lied to his supporters then deactivated his Facebook when confronted.

Oh and there's this courtesy of Kayla Reed,

"21st ward aldermen was given 500 from the committee that paid for most of the campaign to vote yes on Prop P.

500 to sell your own people out. #WokeVoterSTL"

This is the guy who took over Antonio French's ward. Antonio sold out for $500,000