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Wrapping up Harvard’s Citizen Politics in America: Public Opinion, Elections, Interest Groups, and the Media and am pleased inform you I’ve been accepting into NYU Film and TV Industry Essentials where upon completion I will produce the first in a series of documentaries about the hijacking of Ferguson and how Obama, the Dem Party and NPIC incorporated a series of blueprints to sabotage every autonomous grassroots movement from Occupy to the NBA boycott.

The first will focus on the hijacking of Ferguson, co-option by Black Lives Matter and how we went from revolution in the streets to a Black Lives Matter political action committee that pushes LGBTQ, feminist and immigration issues all funded by the exploitation of black death, pain and suffering. This series will also explore the origins of Black Lives Matter and the billionaires pulling strings behind the scene as well as be the first and only to chronicle my work with the late Darren Seals and the events leading up to his assassination.

Other documentaries in this series will touch on Occupy, Trayvon Martin, Dakota Pipeline, the NFL boycott and NBA boycott. This series will expose the similarities and parallels between these movements as well as the blueprint used to diminish them all.

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