Black youtube, if that's what you wanna call it is ugh... brothas and sistas can be so on point when it comes to talking about the ramifications of WS to black people as a collective, yet fail to see how that dynamic is at the root of their contempt for each other.

Used to only see this gender war phenom play out in one or two videos every now and then, now its damn near every video, regardless of the topic. Apparently there are whole channels created by black men and women for the sole purpose of tearing down and dragging the opposite sex. By black youtubers who consider themselves 'woke'.

They come across as bitter people who never got over that ex (real or imagined) who scarred them for life and left them to wallow in their misery... people who now live to take it out on every member of the opposite gender they encounter. This attracts other bitter people who applaud them. Misery loves company. I'm like like wtf?

Can't get too comfortable as a subscriber. Not a day goes by that I'm not unsubscribing from one of their channels.

It's so bad I feel the need to issue this disclaimer... if/when I share videos, my commentary is limited to that particular video or portions of.... I am in no way shape, fashion or form cosigning the youtuber unless expressly stated. Ditto for my platforms.