Like minded folks, we GOTTA create the alternative.

The good news is that people are waking up, the bad is once they do, nonprofit industrial complex pimps that commodity black pain lure them in and turn them out with drug of choice (hashtag activism, symbolic action and disruption). #instantgratification

The Play: NGO pimps then exploit their actions, using protests as leverage to position themselves within the establishment for the purpose of providing a lane for various special interests, the Democratic Party, Soros' Open Society Foundations... even Facebook and Twitter...

The Illusion: They use black faces to sell this by 'performing activism'.... There is no real purpose, blueprint, a gameplan for success or the infamous "Or Else".

Their true intent: Marching back into the party, system and status quo.

The movement has been commodified. Until we create an alternative that will always be the play.
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